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AEI's 8 pallet CRJ200 SF Freighter Conversion


The Aeronautical Engineers Inc. AEI CRJ200 SF “Large Cargo Door” Conversion consists of the installation of a 94"x70" cargo door on the left side of the fuselage, installation of a 9G rigid cargo/smoke barrier and modification of the main deck to a Class E cargo compartment. After conversion the aircraft will have the capability to carry containerized and or bulk cargo up to 6.7 tonnes.

AEI's cargo doors have earned a reputation of being the most robust and reliable in the conversion industry. The cargo door will be hydraulically operated and actuated from the inside of the aircraft by an independent system. Hydraulic pressure is available from two sources; a 28VDC electrically operated hydraulic pump or a manual hand pump. The door control and manual pump will be located on the 9g barrier, allowing a single person to operate the Main Deck Cargo Door.

Main Attributes

  • Bombardier Licensed 3rd Party STC Provider

  • Eight 61.5”X88” Pallet Positions

  • Up to 14,840 LB (6,731 KG) Main Deck Payload (depending on Model & Aircraft Weight Limits)

  • Large Cargo Door 94” X 70”

  • Cargo Density Capability120kg/m3

  • 1.75” Ancra Cargo Loading System

  • Single Vent Door System

  • 28VDC, independent cargo door hydraulic system

  • Cabin windows replaced with aluminum window plugs

  • 9g rigid cargo / smoke barrier with sliding door

  • Up to 2 Supernumerary Seats

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