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AEI Ad Campaigns

AEI promotes and differentiates its freighter conversion products throughout the year in various well-respected industry publications, including Cargo Facts, Aircraft Commerce, Freighter Trends and Jetrader - reaching global aircraft owners and operators. Below is a sampling of our recent ad campaigns. 


AEI's latest campaign introduces AEI's ability to convert all 737-800 line number aircraft. Our competitors have limitations on which aircraft they can convert, this differentiation ad presents further advantages of the AEI B737-800SF product.

AEI Fleet

AEI's Fleet campaign was introduced in 2021 to promote the expansive product lineup of narrowbody freighters that AEI offers the industry.

We've Got You Covered

We've Got you Covered is 2022 campaign campaign informing the industry that AEI received ETOPS 180 approval on its B737-800SF freighter and presenting the growing list of advantages that the AEI freighter provides operators and aircraft owners.

AEI Advantage

The AEI Advantage branded ad was developed to help clearly set the AEI advantages apart from competitive products and companies.

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